Endotracheal Tube Gage- EH102064

Magill endotracheal tube gage

Manufactured by the Ohio Chemical & Surgical Equipment Co.. Ivan Magill invented the endotracheal tube during WW1, as well as many other anesthetic tools, due to the difficulty of administering general anesthetics by way of a mask in a military setting. The endotracheal tube, still used today to ventilate the lungs, was inserted down the patient’s throat in order to administer an anesthetic before surgery.

This gage would have been used to hold and measure the amount of anesthetic before administering it to the patient. The price of this gage was $2.00. The words “A.S.A. Standard I. D.” are locating on the back of the gage, making it acceptable by the American Standard Association (1928-1966), which is now known as the American National Standards Institute. Although this piece is dated from 1928, it was most likely manufactured closer to the 1960s than the 1920’s.

Manufactured from:1928-1966

Dimensions: H-1 W-1.5 L-5.5 inches

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