Chloroform Inhaler- EH10618

Set of four metal chloroform inhalers

Chloroform was first used as an anesthetic in 1847 and later became a popular alternative to ether. It was very popular in the US until about 1900 when it was realized that chloroform could cause liver damage, although its use continued, especially in the UK and Germany, well into the 1920s.

The two larger inhalers, a Yankauer design, were covered with a thick cloth and held onto the patients face. The physician would then drip chloroform onto the cloth until the desired effect was achieved. The inhaler’s design kept the wet cloth from touching the patient’s face and causing skin irritation.

The two smaller inhalers, modified Yankauer-Gwathmey masks, were used for the same purpose but were able to have tubes attached to administer oxygen to the patient.

Date of Manufacture:19th to 20th Century

Manufactured from:1893-1930

Dimensions: H-2.75 W-3 L-5.5 inches

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